Telangana’s ‘Chetla’ Daripalli Ramaiah planted 10 million saplings

While we talk about environmentalists, one name draws attention - Daripalli Ramaiah. Fondly called Chetla (trees) Ramaiah or Vanajeevi (forest being) Ramaiah, the Indian...

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Apple and Steve Jobs are Inspiring.

Steve Jobs was born in 1955 and was given away for adoption. He used to love technology, but never really liked going to school,...

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Meet A Man Who Performs A Garbage Clean-Up Initiative On Mountains

Dr. Parmeshwar (also known as Dr. Deva) added hiking and mountaineering into his hobby in 2nd year of MBBS at Seth GS Medical College....

A 10 rupee solved many questions: In a talk with Raj who fought Against Depression!

The motivational speaker Raj himself dealt with depression and anxiety and he even had wrong thoughts like suicide. In these times, everyone needs someone...

On National Farmers’ Day Spreading Indian Pearl Culture across India with Mr. Ashok and Mrs. Kulanjan

Mr. Ashok read a few lines from the first agriculture minister Panjabrao Deshmukh’s library in Akola, Maharashtra, in 1996. He started researching pearl farming...

Shraddha Mishra, the founder of ‘Letters By Shraddha’, Created a World Around Handwritten Letters and Revived that Old Tradition through her Flourishing Business

Priorities are flourishing for this young adult, Shraddha Mishra, who, as we got to know, is not so young to curate a homegrown business...

A Business Captain Of India’s First Homegrown Fitness Brand Advocating Her Beliefs And Further Nurturing Its Holistic Approach Throughout The Nation With Refinement We are never too old to be fit and healthy. Never old to practice and accomplish holistic fitness. Certainly never too old to advance...



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